House of Him

Welcome to Sudden Scream, a site dedicated to discussing some of the world’s most unusual examples of horror entertainment. Whether they’re the most violent, the most extreme, the most explicit, or simply the most obscure, we aim to cover them. New things, old things, sometimes even speculative things that we wish existed. From movies to video games, books to comics, we aim to cater to your niche horror needs. Caveat: Occasionally we’ll feature somewhat mainstream pieces of horror entertainment, because where’s the fun in limiting ourselves?

Many of us grew up in the era of the British Video Nasty, and have fond memories of going to the VHS rental store to pick out the latest in bizarre and tacky horror movies, or tracking down an elusive banned film on an old tape recorded off the TV. Some of us work in the horror field, creating our own books, movies, games. The one thing we all have in common is that we love horror. And, presumably, since you’re here, so do you. So sit back, pay attention, and brace yourself for a… SUDDEN SCREAM.

Title banner is a still taken from The House of Him from Bold Yin Productions.