Cursed/The Devil Incarnate (L. Gustavo Cooper, 2013)

Wow. This isn’t the 2005 Cursed, the one with Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg and Josh Jackson. This is the 2013 one, which from what I can gather was only called Cursed in the UK. It’s The Devil Incarnate elsewhere. Neither [Read More]

Trauma (Dario Argento, 1993)

There are a bunch of fantastic Dario Argento films that I’ve already watched ready to write about here; Tenebrae, Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Cat O’ Nine Tails. Okay maybe that last one isn’t so great, actually. Better [Read More]

Slaughter High (Ezra/Dugdale/Litten, 1986)

Slaughter High is a movie I’ve seen around plenty for years, but never got round to watching until just recently. It’s the (mostly) fairly typical slasher plot of a dude, tormented by his peers, who endures a tragic accident and [Read More]