The House of Him (Robert Florence, 2014)

Okay, so big major full disclosure warning here: I am friends with the director of this movie. That said, I personally feel that my appraisal is as unbiased as possible, but of course that’s for you to decide, not me, so take this into account when you consider my recommendation. 

Originally I intended to do a regular post about The House of Him, back when it came out, but I didn’t for two reasons. One, the movie left me thinking about it for a long time, and two, there’s no way to discuss The House of Him in the way I have previously without utterly butchering it for others, which is something I don’t want to do when my ultimate appraisal is ‘go watch it. Go watch it right the fuck now.’

The House of Him

So instead there’s just this short post mentioning it. It’s an incredible movie, filmed on a tiny shoestring budget. Florence’s direction is masterful, and the actors put in absolutely stellar performances. It’s a typical ‘killer man chases crying woman’ premise, except it’s not, at all. It’s an incredibly subversive, clever movie with a number of conceptual twists that you’re really better off not knowing about before you go in. It was, regardless of my friendship with the director, one of my favorite horror movies of 2014, hands down. And I would strongly recommend you check it out. Louise Stewart as the lead is particularly fantastic, and should have an excellent career in horror ahead of her. I know a little about Bold Yin Productions‘ plans for their next movie, and I can promise you they are one to keep a very close eye on.

Anyway, go rent or buy [The House of Him from Vimeo].

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