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Sudden Scream is a project which involves me watching, and then writing about, a number of horror/mystery movies. Not just any horror/mystery movies, mind. I have SOME structure. Basically; giallo movies, obscure movies, extreme movies. Amongst my collection are some of the strangest, most obscene, most obscure horror movies I could get my hands on. Some of them are still banned in the UK. Many of them aren’t. At least one of them has no English language option at all, so that’ll be fun.

This absolutely won’t be a blog of recommendations. A lot of them are likely to be shit. In fact, one of the movies I’ve already watched ready to write about is almost certainly the worst movie I’ve ever seen. So in those cases, I’ll be watching absolute shite so you don’t have to. In other cases, sure, I might say, hey, go watch this! Most of the Argento ones will be recommended, probably.

My purpose for running this blog is simple; I like shitty movies and I like writing about shitty movies, so I’m going to do it.

Important – Content Warnings: This blog will frequently and persistently feature discussion of a violent, graphic and sexual nature. There may be screenshots. Some of the movies on the list are very nasty. Only follow the blog if you feel able to be exposed to this kind of content on a regular basis. 

Beyond that, you can find me on Twitter at @ashtonraze or check out my games at Owl Cave.

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